Related Agencies.

The Department of Health Service Support

The Department of Health Service Support provides One Stop Service Centre for the applicants for Non O-X (10 Years) and Non O-A (1 Year) Visa to be informed related information as follows: (1) criteria, conditions and qualifications on visa appliance, as well as benefits gaining, (2) the procedure, conditions and channels for purchasing medical insurance for visa appliance, and (3) reporting foreigners themselves when complete the 1- year stay (O-X) or informing their residence in case of complete the 90-day stay, and other related information. The information may be put into the common website or applications linking to related authorities’ websites.

+66 2193-7999 (24 Hrs.)

Tourism Authority of Thailand

Provide the travel information regarding products, services and travel deals


Thai Consular

Issue visas for foreign citizens to visit in Thailand

+66 2572-8442 (24 Hrs.)

Immigration Division

Services for extension of temporary stay in Thailand, Notification of address every 90 days, Permanent Resident Permit , Visa Issuing and Changing type of Visa, Re-entry Permit , Alien Registration, Endorsement and Re-entry Visa for Resident Certificate holders